Black Market (2005)

“With the current dominance of the larger Freesports like Skateboarding, Mountain Biking and Snowboarding, it may come as a surprise to learn that having watched over 30 films across 15 different Freesports the judges have decided to present the Bluebird for Best Freesports Film 2004-5 to an Inline Skating film.

Inline Skating is not as popular as it was but often when things go underground some of the most creative work gets done. So it is with “Black Market”, a ‘Misled Media’ film with an international perspective, showing rollerblading around the world.

Doug Urquart traveled for 4 months across 8 European countries as well as coast to coast in the USA to give Black Market variety with profiles on Pro rollerbladers Brian Aragon, Julian Bah and Will Gordon; mini views of rollerbladers like Brent Hicks and Montre Livingston; and interviews with rollerblading pioneers like Arlo, TJ Webber, Chris Edwards, B-Love.

Not only is this the first High Definition rollerblading film ever made, it comes with a second DVD with the best profiles and footage from Masters of Delusions, Hashassins as well as AVM, a new Puerto Rico spot check and plenty of Bonus footage. The twin pack offers approximately 4 hours of footage in all.

But what really appealed to the judges about this film and helped it stand out from the many other Freesports films being considered was the way that an interview with Photographer Jeremy Stephenson was used to give structure and form to the film.” (Tylersail)

black-market_julian_bah_20051118MISLED MEDIA PRESENTS… the first High Definition rollerblade visual
cinematography & editing by JDU
Arlo Eisenberg introducing
Julian Bah
Brent Hicks
Michael Braud
Eric Schrijn
Will Gordon
Brian Aragon
Montre Livingstone
Chris Farmer
Fridolin Elbo
Nick Hood
Adam Ehault

Lemontree Montage: (one or tow tricks)
John Sullavin
Gavin Fridlund
Damien Wilson
Jeremy Spira
Nate Seana
Matt Nicholas
Gustavo Jasso
Tim Phang
Willie Trebach
Scott Raser
Whitney SC
Daam Megt
Tyler Brooks
Courtney Flavaflav
Kenny Owens
Brandon Campell
Ben Scwab
Billy Oniell

And more…

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