The 8th Wonder

the8wonderThe 8th Wonder – Full Video from Indiana Inline on Vimeo.

This was the first skate video I ever owned. I bought it at TA (Travel Alternative) in Indianapolis a little after I had started skating. It’s still one of my favorite old school skate videos. Enjoy.

“The 8th Wonder is the first video from Northern California based On-Point Productions. The video features skaters from Texas, Minnesota, Chicago, and Southern California. The video also features profiles on Robert Guerrero, and newcomer from Nor-Cal, Brandon Smith. Other featured skaters are Vinny Minton, Jared Magers, Pat Lennon, Brian shima, Eric Garcia, Louie Zamora, Johnny Hedges, and many others.” (Taken from the back of the box)

Directed By: Justin Lomax & Francisco Pupo

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